Vilnius Balsiai School is the first school built in the city after the restoration of independence as well as the first educational institution in Lithuania established on the basis of public-private sector partnership.

The school’s project was formulated by the architectural firm of the architect Sigitas Kunevičius. The professional experience (based not only on literary sources) from Scandinavian countries known for the quality of educational institutions was applied in the project by the architects. Specifically for the benefit of Balsiai School project, a visit to the Scandinavian countries was organised in order to overview the specific schools’ projects. 

In 2010, September 1, the premier Andrius Kubilius together with the representatives from Vilnius city municipality, the community and the builders’ company „Merko statyba“ inserted the capsule into the foundation of Balsiai School with a letter in it containing wishes as well as drawings by the children of the community which were dedicated to the school and its future generations. 

Vilnius Balsiai School implements the primary and basic education programmes. The institution works 10 hours per day. Non-formal educational activities are widely developed in the school. At least 70 percent of all the students are involved in non-formal educational activities.

The school employs primary school teachers, various subject teachers, the team of support specialists, assistants, the teachers of non-formal education. The students with special needs receive the assistance of a speech therapist, a special pedagogue, and a psychologist; such students are also able to get the aid of a teacher assistant. The educators of various qualifications specialise in the school including schoolteachers, senior teachers, teacher supervisors, as well as a teacher-expert. The school administration employs 5 specialists (a headmaster and 4 assistants), 2 office workers, 2 library workers, and an IT specialist. The school’s economy is administered by “Balsių mokykla” SPV based on partnership agreement with Vilnius city municipality. 

The school is an accredited institution receiving European youth volunteers. On the basis of this programme, several young volunteers from the EU countries are constantly exchanging experiences and develop their competences in the institution. The ideas of volunteering and community spirit are continually advocated, supervised and encouraged. 

Vilnius Balsiai School collaborates with such social partners while implementing the programme of education as “Balsiai community”, the National Museum of Lithuania, Safe transport school, Lithuanian Sea museum, PI “Vaiko labui”, Lithuanian association of People with Disabilities, PI “Rafaelis”, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, the directorate of Verkiai and Pavilniai Regional Park and other social partners.


A modern school – open to change, a cohesive and constantly learning community


  • To create a motivating learning environment in which:
  • A student would acquire quality primary and basic education;
  • An individual would be encouraged to seek ambition and compromise;
  • The Lithuanian culture and traditions would be nurtured;
  • The cultural heart of the local community would be developed.


Respect. Responsibility. Creativity

Atnaujinta: 2024-03-23
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